Everyone Can Have Their Waterloo

by Chris Taranto

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Written between Columbus Day and Christmas Eve 2015. Recorded January 2016.
This collection of songs is the most honest representation of myself I have given up to this point in time. I hope you can take them and make them your own.


released February 1, 2016

All instruments played by Chris Taranto
All songs written by Chris Taranto, except track 9 (written by Robert Johnson)
Produced, mixed, and engineered by Joe Dell'Aquila
Mastered by Bill Henderson (Azimuth Recording)
Album Artwork courtesy of Nick Molinari.

Special Thanks to: Joe at Exeter for helping me create the best possible record I could. I promise I'm gonna try and find a label for this! Joe Frazetto for lending me his cymbals. George Bulger for just giving me a keyboard for free, helping me progress as a musician. Thanks a lot if you listened to the demos, supplied me with feedback along the way, whatever. And thank you so much to anyone who will listen to this record.


all rights reserved



Chris Taranto New York, New York

Pretending that I can play multiple instruments.

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Track Name: 440
"Enough is enough,"
He heard himself say,
"Must I always give but never receive?"
They say that silence is golden
But these days it's been an enemy.
Eyes are open in the dark,
A bed for two but there's only one,
"Is this all there is,"
He whispers,
"Or is life more?"

If I hit 440 then I'm never coming home,
If I hit 440, no, I'm never coming home.

So many people don't know what it means
To sacrifice yourself for something real,
Have you ever lived if you've never tried?
Have you ever known love?
When I was young I wish I knew what I had,
The whole world there in the palm,
The palm of my hands,
But I kept searching for something different,
Never gave us a chance.

If you want me to go then that's what I'll do,
And if you want me out of your life that's what I'll do.

I'll cut my hair and clean myself up,
I'll put it together,
Start giving a fuck,
I'd work these hands harder than they've ever worked before.
And we can drive this car to nowhere,
Listening to freedom and your beating heart,
For you, all for you.
For you, all for you.
For you, all for you.

If you're fucking with me
Then I hope you never stop.
Don't ever stop.
Don't ever stop.
Track Name: Don't Say I Didn't Warn You
If I could just sleep forever
I think my life would be fine
Because you wouldn't have to hear me complain all the time,
You could admire me from a distance,
Think I'm sweet and warm,
And you wouldn't learn what it feels like when my love has grown cold,
Maybe from time to time I will snore through my dreams
And that's about as hard as life could get between you and me
Cause there'd never be any words to slide off my knife of a tongue
And never any bullets to shoot from my mouth's gun.

I appreciate what you're saying
But I know I'm a terrible person,
Just don't say I didn't warn you.

If I could sleep forever
I wouldn't feel all the time,
Wouldn't be so conflicted in the name of sacrifice,
And the colors and the thoughts that plague me throughout the day
Couldn't obscure my focus from under sheets on my bed,
Maybe I'd be missing out on you
But I know I'm the fool
Cause I packed your bags six years ago
And you rightly closed the book,
There'll never be another chapter
Or page in our lives,
So I'll just sleep forever and my life will be fine.
Track Name: Narcissus
There's the suspicion that you're watching from a distance,
Always so aware of what I'm up to
But never giving yourself away.

I don't know what you're up to
If you're up to anything at all.

There's the fear that you don't want me,
You've judged me,
I'm still trying to decipher,
Figure you out,
But it all seems useless.

Isn't there a correlation between narcissism and depression?
Or do I imagine these things to make myself feel better?

R: (I can't handle right or wrong answers,
Only better or worse interpretations.)

M: There's the suspicion that you're watching from a distance,
Always so aware of what I'm up to
But never giving yourself away.

L: (I'm still trying to figure you out.)
Track Name: Seatbelt Song
Maybe someday I'll stop dragging my feet,
Maybe someday I'll stop pulling my teeth,
Maybe I'll put down these rusty pliers
And I'll take the time to wash the bloodstains from my sheets.
Maybe someday I'll stop strangling confidence,
Maybe someday I'll learn to exhale and rest
And let go of the anger and anxiety
That keep me on this plateau
And you out of reach.

I'm working toward a goal,
The only one that I've ever known.

Maybe someday I'll cut my hair and clean up
And I'll learn what it means to be an adult,
Maybe someday I'll find out what I'm worth,
Place my value in more than cellphones and alerts,
Maybe someday the words will find their way out,
Maybe someday they'll fight their way out of my mouth,
Till then I'm still wrestling myself,
Living day to day with this burning in my throat,

I'm still working toward that goal,
Even when there's no light to follow.

Maybe someday I'll know when I'm wasting my time.

I'm simply wasting time.
Track Name: Stupid Little Letters
These songs are stupid little letters
Addressed to myself,
Reminders of every mistake I've made.
I place them on a pedestal
But they could never mean
Anything to anyone but me.

Thanks for the impetus,
Thanks for the drive,
Thanks for the dreams and the sleepless nights,
I just wish this made some sense.

I don't feel like throwing my voice or pretending to be real,
I have no strength for this now.
And I don't feel like traveling to Philadelphia or Montclair,
There's nothing for me when I get there.

Thanks for the silence,
Thanks for the jeers,
Thanks for always stealing the wind from my sails,
I just wish this could have gone some other way.

Now I know how John felt when he proclaimed,
"The dream is over!"
Except he got to live it up
And I'm forever no one.
Track Name: Home Movies
I once read that people who take long showers
Enjoy the warmth of the water
Because they lack the warmth in their lives,
Maybe that's why I'm in there for half an hour every night
And my mom's telling me to be mindful of everyone in the house.

Maybe that's bullshit?
Maybe that's bullshit?

And I can't argue that there's been something missing for some time now,
I'm a loser for letting it eat me up,
And I'm a bit of a fool for taking it this far
Cause everyone knows how life works out.

And I know life isn't like the movies
So why would you ever talk to me?
You were just fucking with me,
Yeah, you were just fucking with me.

I wish I understood why I need so much attention
When I've got so many friends and relatives,
And that doesn't mean I wouldn't take a bullet for any of them,
So why do I still feel so lonely?

I am a little stubborn,
I get hung up on what I can't have,
I know I've got a nasty temper
And I can turn it on real fast,
I might focus on all of the downsides
But deep down I've got so much to share,
There's so much love there,
There's so much love there.
Track Name: Like Children
Please don't hide away like a child,
I must apologize if I crossed over your line,
It's just been so hard and I misinterpreted your signs,
Maybe I'm not wrong,
But right now I know I'm not right.

Maybe someday we will come together
And we will sing our songs of life together,
Cause I know now more than ever
That I need a friend like you in my life.
Track Name: You and I Were on That Ship in 1939
There's days and nights when I feel like giving in,
Old habits start to sweat through the pores in my skin,
The afternoons feel like I'm sinking in the quicksand
Before my ambition rises,
Saving me from helplessness,
Before my ambition rises,
Saving me from helplessness.

I've walked this far without any shoes on my feet,
For once I'm vulnerable,
Wearing more than my heart on my sleeve,
But I bare it for you,
I bare it for you.

There's conflict in living,
Divided by pain,
Never really sure if tomorrow will bring the sun or the rain,
I'm sorry in advance,
I find myself caught in the storm.

Always been effective at hurting the ones I love,
I'm always finding the wrong words,
They take the air from your lungs,
I swear I don't mean them,
I don't wanna push you away.

Someday this line will reach your ears,
And someday this voice will be the voice that you hear,
But you'll never know who inspired me to sing these songs,
And it's you,
It's always been you.

There's days and nights when I feel like giving in,
Nights when my spirit calls for you
But the only answer is the wind,
Nights when my spirit calls for you
But the only answer is the wind.
So I'm giving in,
I'm giving in.

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